Thursday, March 17, 2011


 The following is not a post about what happened, or how the Earthquake was cool.  It has nothing to do with the interesting experience and if you can't deal with the lack of humour leave.

The earthquake moved the Honshu island 8 metres  and shifted the earths axis almost 10 cm.  It also sped the day up by 1.8 nanoseconds.

The death toll is currently 3, 676.  With over 10 000 more missing.  Whole communities were literally wiped out and people did not know for days as the roads were destroyed.  It was the rescue helicopters that discovered there was nothing left. Satellite images show that whole forest were wiped clean of life and cities are void of infrastructure.

There are thousands of relief workers working non-stop and if I spoke better Japanese, or was able to be, I would be there in a heart beat.  I can't be.  But if you have ever considered donating to a charity, I hope that you consider the Tohoku Earthquake as one.  If you're a student and unable to donate, find out if there's a fund raising event and volunteer, or fore-go your coffee one morning and donate the $2.50.  If for no other reason than I still don't know where some people are, and I would much prefer they be found alive.

For donations or up to date news on the quake, go here.

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  1. You missed the part where Japan moved 2.5 meters