Wednesday, April 8, 2009


*sigh* So finals have now started, curses to the genius who came up with this idea. I can just imagine how this went:

[An old fashioned library, a nice cozy gathering area with perhaps a fireplace. Three or four large armchairs sit in a circle, with endtables and whatnot. Three 'gentlemen' sitting around the first with a long beard and red tinged grey hair holds a large beer mug in his hands and is nursing it. The second dressed in a well to do manner but is clean shaven and is smoking a long pipe. The third is dressed with a kilt and has a beard as well and has a clear glass of scotch.]
The first man stands up.

Evil Prof#1(Irish Accent, . . . Irish Drunken accent): "Hey guys li'en to this! Sho we've jusht made all our studentsh shpaz out and shtreshhhhh about homework and readingsh right? stumbles a little for effect Sho why don' we top it all off with a huge tesht! while saying the last line, throws hands up in the air spilling beer out of the pint Make everything we've shaid (eshpecially thoshe little itty bitty details we barely talked about) fair game!"

Evil Prof #2 (with High End British Accent): "Splendid Idea, my good chap! But chance, how shall we justify this?"

Evil Prof #1 falls back into chair, apparently satisfied that he has destroyed the mental well being of scholar wannabes for centuries to come

Evil Prof#3 (heavy Scottish accent): "Why, we'll make i' worth at least thir'y percent of their grades we will!"

Evil Prof #2: "Allright then, it's settled!"
[cue evil laughter and dramatic lights]

Albiet they probably used better vocabulary then that.

Really, how fair is this? We pay them massive amounts to teach us, pay massive amounts for the books they want us to read, the paper ink etc to print the bloody essays they keep giving us and the rent/food/bills for lodging (lucky people who live in a town with a University) and then they test us on how much we remember. Argh!

I have this one class, and I'll be lucky if I get a 40 on the final, stupid 'must phrase everything perfectly', 'we need to know you understand the concepts, but only understanding will earn half marks you have to explain yourself', 'this is liberal arts, we want good answers, not definitive ones'.

*eye stars twitching*

and the sad part is this is supposed to be a 100 level class. None of the students (or any of the 6 professors) think it is anymore. Stupid experimental classes. My other experimental class was awesome!

To future students: Think very carefully when deciding whether or not to take a course that is offered for the first time.

Anyway, a random word, perhaps the colour of Evil Prof #1's nose.

vermilion [ver-mil-yuhn] (N)
1. a bright scarlet red
2. a bright-red, water insoluble pigment consisting of mercuric sulfide, once obtained from cinnabar, now usually produced by the reaction of mercury and sulfur.
3. of the colour of vermilion

huh, this got kind of long didn't it?

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  1. Haha! I loved that, that scene with the proffesors, I can really picture it. :P What is your other experimental class?