Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This month, I officiated my journey into insanity.

I began my first NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write an original novel of 50 000 words or about 175 pages. One is not allowed to use any prose they have written before. What does one receive if one wins? Absolutely nothing tangible, awesome no?

So far I only have general ideas for my plot. I have managed to get 10 000 words with the idea of a basic character, his name and general obstacles that lead to a final end. Luckily, I have had the universe in my head for a while now, it is the same universe I have been using for another long story that I have been working on. However, since I have things written for it I was not allowed to use it. So I opted to write the story of the previous generation. All I have/had to work with was the idea of a character who in the main story was very much a side character and a moody old man. In 10 000 words, I have learned all sorts about that man and his childhood, even named his father.

And for the fun of it, an excerpt:
Distantly he heard the first bell sound. It was always the deepest, the distance and the damp air changing the sound. Soon the old high pitched bell by the old pier would sound and his father would be expecting him at his office. Remembering his duties he bolted out of the bed and began to scrounge for a clean tunic and overcoat. Successfully finding them he ran for the door. Unfortunately for him, the door was latched and he ran smack into it. Gently poking his nose he stood himself up and for the second time that hour shock his head and sent water flying across the room. Unlatching the door he bolted through and ran down the hallway and down the steps. He stopped briefly at the front door to tentatively open it and step out. Turning to the house he hollered at the cook and maid that he was gone and should be back with his father later. Twisting his body towards the street Meno bolted down and out the gate and ran down the winding road that lead to his fathers office at the castle.
The alley cats were out and were inspecting the days catches. Meno recognized the old tabby from the warehouse. It was the best micer in town and would often gloat to the others atop its perch on the warehouse wall. The other cats would come and watch her sit there and paw at the latest catch. Few cats were in that particular warehouse, she was matriarch to all the cats in the area, and this warehouse was her castle. The only other cat that reigned supreme was the owners house cat. A female calico with a brown booted legs and a black spot on her eye. She stood out and did not even need to mice for her food. If the neighbour forgot to feed her the tabby would offer mice. Today the tabby had a new resident requesting permission to stay at the warehouse. It came offering gifts of birds and mice from other areas of town. Reluctantly the tabby allowed him to enter and to take residence in the nooks and corners of the warehouse. With her performance over, the alley cats lefts to go about their daily business surviving and trying to claim more territory.
However as my story takes place in a fantasy world, most of my definitions are not useful, so here's one that might be.

fire place log holder

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