Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Creative Vs. Formal

I have come to a conclusion. When writing formally or taking notes, I love to use the computer and type them out. When writing creatively I much prefer to hand write and then transcribe, proof read and edit simultaneously.

But where in the world is the line between formal and creative?

Well obviously notes and resum├ęs are formal and stories, poetry, and prose are creative. But what about essays, cover letters, letters, and other small assignments such as 'informal responses'. Well essays, no matter how formal require a bit of creativity to create phrases and comparisons that will last with the reader. Cover letters themselves are very creative in that the whole point is to stand out from the rest. Letters in general depend upon their purpose and who they are sent to. And most assignments are more formal than creative. And yet I still prefer to write essays, cover letters, letters, and assignments. However I do much prefer to do pre-writing by hand. And I do not think I could 'pre-write' a blog and then transcribe. And one can argue that a blog is the truest form of prose.

Go figure.

unconceivable (ADJ)

1. not believable; incredible

syn. inconceivable
(It is actually a valid word)

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