Sunday, February 28, 2010


For those that don't know, or those that randomly stumble upon this blog: As of September 2010 I will be studying abroad for a year.  In Japan. (YAY!) I am still filling forms out and have been for about 2 1/2 weeks now.  The Japanese really like paperwork.  Lots of it.
 For the exchange, I believe this will turn into a 'follow me so I can let everyone know what's happening at the same time blog'.  The continuation of definitions? They'll probably take on a more Asian feel.
As of right now I have only three more forms to fill out.  Three research essays, two tests, an online assignment, six quizzes, two chapter tests, four finals and a summer job to go.  I wish I could just let my classes slide, but unfortunately I need to maintain an above 70% average.  Not that it's too difficult, just lots of work on top of school work.
Very glad I am not taking five classes.

In other news, my car, the Citation, aka The Molly Mobile, has been parked.  She still runs mostly but the time has come to leave her in place till pictures are taken and she's sold for junk parts, or to some poor high school student.

Other than that, I procrastinate finishing my procrastination.  So I should probably get back to my studying.

saponify (V)
1. to convert (a fat) into soap by treating with an alkali.
2. to decompose (any ester), forming the corresponding alcohol and acid or salt.

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    There, now maybe the program will get the idea:P

    yay for exchange!! yay japan!