Friday, December 17, 2010

Lately the Weather has Been so BiPolar

Hello all.  Haven't talked in a while.  Well I guess I have just become better at procrastinating while residing on a different continent.  I suppose I should just actually write more of these things, not like I'm never on the internet.

Yesterday, I bought a bike.  (Go me!) Few cool things about the bikes here, they all have baskets and the locks are not chain locks, though you can find them, but just a little lock on the back wheel.  I still fail to see how these things are 'locked', one merely needs to raise the rear tire slightly and walk it to wherever.  That, and I see people leaving things in the baskets all the time with them never being removed. 
These people are way to trusting for their own good.  Speaking of which, when I first arrived I attended an orientation on the city including a thing about safety.  At that point, there had been a small number of crimes in the city.  I forgot the actual number, but I assure you that it would have been equivalent to the number of crimes Regina gets in less than a month.  And the police man was serious when he said we needed to be careful to not become a victim of the crime.

Back to the bike.  Remember when you first drove with a bunch of other cars around, and even if you knew what you were doing it was as scary as hell because you don't know what the other drivers were doing?  That's Japan, but use bikes.   That having not ridden one in approximately oh, seven years makes for an interesting ride.  But I the cliche is true, I really don't have any problem remembering how to ride a bike.

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