Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pancakes, In a Can!

Everyone I know has heard stories of the vending machines here in Japan.  I have yet to find anything too interesting in any of them.  All I have seen are standard drink ones.  And the odd cigarette one.
I have seen interesting drinks in them, though.  Such as "Hot Lemon" or "Hot Yuzu"
(Yuzu is a slightly bitter orange).  But the most interesting by far is this "Hot Cake"  or in Canada commonly known as 'pancake'.
Above is the display in the vending machine.  Below is the actual can.  Why yes, I did have to buy it to try, admit it you want to as well.

It is for all intents and purpose, sugar.  In a can, that's warm.  But it does taste like liquid pancakes.
On another note, many of the cans have instructions on how to open them.  Because maybe you can't open a can with a tab.


Any comments on the new blog layout?


  1. haha wow! sounds...interesting :P

    and i love the new layout! ^_^

  2. Your blog address was in the Family Christmas letter... so I have been reading all about your exciting life! You write very well! And the content is great!
    Enjoy your adventures... Happy New Year!

    Marianne from Winnipeg (first cousin once-removed!)

  3. Seeing this made me really crave pancakes

  4. Amy- Interesting indeed! if I could bring it to you to try I would.

    Marianne - Thanks, you too!

    Diane - Pancakes here are different than those in Canada, they add a lot of sugar into the batter. But just make yourself some.