Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tea Time

Tea was fun. The real adventure was making my cake.

The first one (the top part) I made the batter, maybe didn't beat the eggs enough, not too terrible. Went to turn on the oven so it could go in and the oven broke. I called a friend to use her oven and she wasn't going to be home, so I couldn't and so I went to the church and used that oven (yay for my dad).

cake Needless to say that cake was quite a bit denser then the bottom part. I made the second one after our oven got fixed. It was much lighter and fluffier than the first. In the middle was a concoction of pudding and whipped cream with blueberries. Then decorated with whipping cream and blueberries. Looks cool no?
You can also see our fancy table settings. The dark coloured china and the dark blueberries was intentionally planned (:P).

These are the invites I made. I addressed each one as Ms. "_____" simply because it made it sound that much more formal. Note the little fancy edge. That took forever using fancy scissors.

It sounds stupid but engineering the little bow that held it together took major effort. Originally I had intended to have the lace go all the way around the inside of the invite, but I couldn't figure out a simple way. But I refused to give up on the idea of having a bow hold them closed. So I cheated and only had the bow.

And today's definition is only because it's primarily british.
Portmanteau [pawrt-man-toh, pohrt-man-toh] (the emphasis can be on either the second or third syllable)(N)
- a case or bag to carry clothing in while travelling especially a leather trunk or suitcase that opens in two halves.
SYN: Suitcase

EDIT: Dear God this was impossible to line up, the preview button lies!!!


  1. "he has brought his luggage with him. three portmanteau's, a dressing case, 2 hat boxes, and a large luncheon basket."
    "I'm afraid i can only stay for a week this time"

    ahhh everything keeps reminding me of quotes from "Earnest"!

    Tea was lovely and i thank you muchly for it, we must do it again, prehaps i shall host next time?

  2. stupid apostrophe, i dont want you there! plural, not possesive!

    Edit: portmanteaus

  3. It's all right dear, put it in your diary so you remember next time :P