Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I haven't posted since May 20th. Wow. Shame on me. Well since then I've gotten a new job for my government at the provincial park entry and campground office. With a very nice paycheck also allowing me more free time at the end of the summer which is a big de-stresser. Best part of the job, I am almost guaranteed it next summer.

A while ago, actually the week in the May 25th, I was playing a game of cranium with friends in my basement. My team got a 'lexicon' card. For those that don't know, it's a multiple choice question in regards to a words definition.

Thanks to April 29th's post I knew for sure that 'a rampaging elephant' was incorrect because the Latin word for elephant was based on pachyderm. Eventually my partner and I decided on an answer which was correct.

The word was Sycophant and means:
a self seeking, servile flatter; fawning parasite. (Random house dictionary via
or according to the game "someone who gives false compliments and praise".

And I promised a friend that this would be the basis of my next rant. So there you have it.

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