Monday, April 26, 2010


23 hours and I will be done University for the semester.  Barring any failing grades (which I very much doubt I will receive) I will be done University in Canada for over one year.


When I think of it like that, it's a big difference.  In under six months I will be across the world.  I will be living in a new country for the first time in my life, totally immersed in a culture and language foreign to me.  Crazy.  I find myself thinking more and more about how I different my daily life will be.  It's all the little things that have been coming to mind, laundry, internet usage (amount), size of my living space, the useless objects I keep around me for a semblance of home being gone.  I also find myself thinking back to my Anthropology class (curses University! making me think everything through analytically), and how we (being the prof) talked about how one can never be a full particpant in another culture as 'culture is the common lens through which we view the world'.  Cool bit is I didn't even go searching through my notes to find that quote, yay me!

So I have one more final left to do, and then freedom from school for five ish months.  One more final and on to frantic part time job hunting.  One more final and onto constant kanji studying and vocabulary learning.  One more final and back at home for the summer and helping wedding planning.  One more final and I'm in the clear for Japan.  One more final.

One more final that I should be studying for right now.  But what kind of North American University student would I be if I didn't procrastinate a while?  Not a normal one I can say that.

In my defense, it was studying that brought me to blog.  You see, I was doing a quick review of Treaties for my history class, enter wikipedia stage left.  And then my notes mentioned something about Japanese prefectures, so with wikipedia already open, 'tis a quick search.  Well that lead me to wonder about where I would be living next year.  Search for Yamaguchi prefecture and open it up.  *poof* instant information on my living space for next year.  Well, so in the Yamaguchi article there was a link to Ube city, which is my more specific place of residence year.  Also there was a small section on a vagabond who is building a something out of scrap stuffs and rope, and I thought we were weird here.  Anyway, so I clicked to Ube cities Wikipedia page and low and behold, there were links to both the Japanese official webpage for the city and English official city webpage.  I clicked the English one (my Japanese is not that good).  And I got this "ご指定のページは見つかりませんでした" and get this: I understood it.  Not just in the whole, 'huh, nothing else hear guess it's gone' sense. I actually understood what it said.  I feel smart.  And so I had to come on here and rant to the world how my studying lead to curiosity which lead to an affirmation that I kinda sorta understand Japanese. Go me!

mores (N) sociology

folkways of central importance accepted without question and embodying the fundamental moral views of a group. (aka morals based on ethnicity or ones culture, actually kinda relevant to my rant for once)

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