Monday, October 25, 2010

By Popular Demand

Why, hello all!  If I have been asked any one thing consistently by people, that's not 'How's Japan', it's 'What's your room like?" or something like that.  So by popular demand, and now that I kinda have a camera here's my room

First the kitchen when you walk in (the door in/out is just to the left of the picture).

Next you see my desk/bookshelf.  Which is used for pretty much anything BUT books.

Here's my sliding patio doors and teeny skinny wardrobe.  Also, that thing at the top is my air conditioner.  Which apparently also heats and dehumidifies.  If I can figure out any of these functions.  So far I've got fan.

 Here's the view from my patio.  Don't ask my where there is a LAN cord.   I don't know, tempted to mess with it to see whom I upset but I'm too nice.
 My bed.  With nothing on it but a fitted sheet currently.  the wall it is against is the bathroom.  To the right you can see linoleum, that is the linoleum from mah kitchen.
And because it;s kinda tiny yet uber effecient, my bathroom.

And there you have it folks, my living quarters for the next 10 months.

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