Saturday, October 2, 2010

Arrival Part 2

I made it all the way to Yamaguchi University :D yay!

It rained so hard when we arrrived that my luggage got soaked.  And of course it rained the day I chose to do laundry >> stupid air drying gonna take forever now (shakes fist at weather).

Thankfully they arranged for students to help the new arrivals to get into their rooms show us how things work (really hard to read power buttons etc when in kanji), and then walk groups of us to the suparmarket.  So I know where to buy food and stuffses.

I have devised a system for trying foods from the supermarket.  Go to aisle with add water stuff to it.  Pick something you haven't tried.  Works surprising well.  I have ran into some issues when it comes to preparations of foods.  I can't read all the fine details on the labels.  Thank God I know 入る means to put in and 分 means minutes.  That and most instant food still have some form of pictographs on them.

Right now, I think I will stick with attempting to survive the insane amount of rain.  Then I will worry about things like cell phones and money transfers from home.


  1. Aw, they showed you around? That takes all the fun out of exploring! Eat lots of street vendor fooooooood!

  2. I can't find or see any street vendors to eat their fooooooood. :(