Thursday, October 28, 2010

Please Enjoy the Fright

No the post is not about scary things at all.  More about the fact that with one letter is a nice phrase.  The title actually came from a J-Drama I watched for the sole purpose if it involving Hegei and different levels of polite speech.  Basically the character was supposed to say 'Please enjoy the flight" and they mess it up thus causing hilarity.

I giggled.  I'll admit that.

But I have a better one.  Today in Kanji class, Nakamizo Sensei put up some other words using the kanji and one was simply 旗 pronounced ki.  But in kanji class we do all of the meanings in English (yay!).  And Nakamizo Sensei wrote "Frag" instead of "Flag".

In Japan, students do not correct their teachers.  Ever.

I literally had to bit my lip.  She kept using it in sentences to like "Kokki wa National Frag desu". It doesn't matter what that sentence means but she kept saying 'Frag'.  And she doesn't know what she was saying.

I just had to share that.

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