Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Om nom nom nom" - Cookie Monster

It occurred to me today that is the first time in my life that I actually have to look after myself.  I've lived away from home but never on my own before.  To anyone who has ever just upped and moved away from home, I applaud you.  If I'd done this my first year away, heaven knows what would have happened.  I think I would have survived but not as well.  But I do enjoy my own bathroom.  I also do not mind cooking for myself.  But I wish I could understand all the ingredients and instructions on the labels.
I ate something in the something I made that doesn't agree with me.  But I don't know if it the object itself or an ingredient.  And I doubt highly that there was any chocolate or strawberry's.  But this is Japan, I wouldn't put it past them.

Cocao in Tenpura batter (yes, I say tenpura not tempura, it's the right way, get over it spell-checker).  Interesting idea.  But I'm gonna go with a no.  And I really didn't think this one through.  I have now made tenpura from scratch (well kinda, I bought the batter mixture).  So yay for me on trying new things.  But my dorm now smells like canola oil.  Which, thanks to my Saskatchewan upbringing, I identified by the blossoms on the bottle, not the words.  Score one from coming from hickville.

On a different note, if any of you have ever participated in the event of signing some form of contractual agreement with my father or watched my parents balance there books, you would know that they are meticulous.  To the point that all fine point is read, pointed out, questioned, and clarified.  Or that every single bill is checked over twice, at least.  I have inherited some of these traits.  I hereby blame my parents for my mild OCD.  But here, I can't.

Today I got a package from the internet company with all sorts of information etc.  But I can't go over it.  I don't understand it.  You have no idea how much this is driving me insane.  I see it.  It sits there in front of me.  I think it explains what I agreed to.  But I don't know.  And I want to.  Really badly.  I want to read every single sentence and understand it and know my legal limitations and responsibilities.  I can't, and it kills me a little.  Stupid language barrier.  I'll overcome you in time to cancel my internet and return home.


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  1. That bill thing would drive me insane, I thought I was the only one that inherited that trait. Why isn't our family in law. Miss You!